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Deportation Proceedings




We represent clients who are facing possible deportation which may have been the result of an arrest or a criminal conviction.  Deportation proceedings are very difficult for the individual and the family. An individual facing deportation can find themselves transferred to any one of several facilities across the country while awaiting deportation, far from one's family and home.  Many times the individual facing deportation is an undocumented, or  a non statused individual who has lived in America for the majority of their life or has all of their family in the United States, the U.S. is truly the only home that they know.  Unfortunately,  with as little as one mishap with the criminal justice system one can find themselves in the custody of Immigration and Custom Enforcement awaiting deportation.  


Although a person may be in deportation proceedings it does not necessarily mean that they will be deported.  They may eligible for various forms of relief that will stop the deportation proceedings or may mitigate the effects of deportation.  At our office we seek to explore these possible alternatives with our clients in order to provide them with the best opportunity to be released from ICE custody and ultimately remain in the country. 




ICE Detainee locator

Find out if your loved one has an ICE hold (City Prisoners)

Find out if your loved one has an ICE hold (State Prisoners)



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